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   ◆Class for enjoying modern Japanese art
●Learn to make a traditional Akasaka sensu,
folding fan in less than two and a half hours!

 Enjoy the excitement of Japanese crafts while staying in Japan.
This is a great opportunity to experience the Japanese world of iki, a word
expressing the refinement and elegance that was popular in Edo period
 We have arranged a two-hour class for people from abroad who would
like to learn how to make a Japanese fan from beginning to finish.
It begins with drawing the picture on Japanese washi paper, includes
decorating with gold and silver foil, and finishes with the bamboo frame.

Classroom Location:・・
・AKASAKA※Gendai Wafu wo Tanoshimu Kai
・Approximately two and a half hours
Lesson fee・・・
・Y8.640 per person

・3 or more people are usually necessary to schedule a class,
though itmay be possible to arrange classes for smaller groups.

●Application is here.→
* For groups of ten or more, it is possible to hold the lessons at a private residence or other location
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